Founded in May 2018, MyJane is the first premium, curated cannabis experience for women. Its mission is to give women the confidence – through education, accessibility and community – to make informed wellness choices about cannabis for their own lives and the lives of those they love. MyJane curates the best CBD and cannabis products to help women address stress, pain, sleep and other concerns. MyJane was acquired by ManifestSeven in January 2019 and serves as its retail subsidiary serving women.

Creative Vortex was hired in August 2018 to design and produce marketing collateral, investor presentations, packaging and a website to help MyJane attract investors and launch its service in Orange County in November 2018.


  • The images were chosen to showcase the lifestyle of the MyJane customer featuring middle aged women who are active, radiant and polished.
  • The website was designed and built as a custom WordPress site for desktop and mobile.
  • The packaging was designed to showcase the MyJane ā€œJā€ pattern with the purple and rose brand colors on the inside and sides. The pale pink ribbon was selected to balance femininity with the solid purple.
  • The investor pitch deck was created to tell the story of the MyJane customer and what she wants from a cannabis delivery service and showcase the MyJane wellness community and MyJane experience all while showcasing the earning potential for the cannabis subscription delivery business. The pitch deck introduced gray tones into the color palette to appeal to the mostly male investors.
  • The marketing materials were designed to be feminine, informative and fun. Since the website was being redesigned when the first marketing materials were produced, they were copy heavy and directed the audience toward social media.
  • The script font that was paired with the san serif font brought in texture as well as femininity and personality.